As an architect, urbanist and theorist, my interests are varied but my focus is currently on the politics of architectural and urban form in the context of urban infrastructure and architecture. My research work has so far attempted to bring together architectural and urban theory with critical theory and aesthetic philosophy to read the city and its varied artefacts – that include not just architecture but also infrastructure.

My teaching work in architecture has been primarily been in history, theory and criticism of architecture and as a studio critic in architectural design studio. Courses I have taught include the year long core curriculum in architectural theory for third year B.Arch at SSAA Gurgaon from 2012 to 2014 as well as architectural theory courses at the first and second year level from 2015 to 2017, History of Modern Architecture at RVCA(2014) and at SSAA(2015).  I have taught design studios in the B.Arch program every semester since 2012 either at SSAA or RVCA. Design studios that I’m involved in usually include either the final year urban design studio or 3rd year architectural design studio involving mixed use, institutional and habitat studios. Though the specific ambitions of my architectural design studios have varied,  broadly I have attempted to encourage students to develop processes to leverage the hybrid urban conditions of India to generate equally hybrid typologies. These studios have been set within the requirements and limits of an accredited professional program in Architecture that places heavy importance on architectural skill development.  In Urban Design my work has been in teaching research methodology and guiding the “Reading the City” research seminar for the M.Arch program at SPA Delhi.

I graduated with dual master’s degrees in architectural design and urban planning  (M.Arch/MUP) with a certificate in sustainable urbanism from the College of Architecture, Texas A&M University. After graduation, I worked as an urban designer for Martha’s Vineyard Commission in Massachusetts, USA in 2011 and since 2012 in my own firm Collaborative Urbanism Pvt. Ltd. The firm’s work has included City Development Plans, Station and Station precinct design for Rail and Rapid Rail projects. My research work has been published in Critical Planning- the UCLA journal of planning, Economics and Political Weekly, Context:Living, Built and Natural. I’ve tried to be active in presenting my research work and have presented at Re-thinking Asia conference at the Adelaide Congress (2017), Indian Institute of Human Settlements Conference (2017) Utopian cities conference at the University of Leeds (2016), Annual conference of the Association of American Geographers(2016), Design History Society Conference (2013).  Forthcoming articles include the Politics of Infrastructural Aesthetics: The Case of the Delhi BRT and Metro and Modernism at the Margins: Baker, Early Modernists and the architectural politics of 1970’s in Trivandrum, India.



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