Thomas Oommen is currently Associate Professor of Architecture at Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Gurgaon  and Visiting Faculty in Urban Design at SPA Delhi. He is also principal at Collaborative Urbanism since 2012.  He was formerly Assistant Professor of Architecture at R.V College of Architecture, Bangalore and at Sushant School of Art and Architecture in Gurgaon where he taught the core curriculum in architectural theory and was part of developing a theory and criticism track at the school. Thomas teaches urban design and senior year architecture design studios. His interests are in the politics of (architectural and urban) form and planning epistemology and his work attempts to bring together architectural and urban theory with aesthetic philosophy to critically read the city and its architectural artefacts.

He has dual master’s degrees in architectural design and  urban planning with a certificate in sustainable urbanism from the College of Architecture, Texas A&M University. After his graduation he worked as an urban designer for Martha’s Vineyard Commission in Massachusetts, USA. Thomas Oommen’s work with Collaborative Urbanism Pvt. Ltd. includes City Development Plans, Station and Station precinct design for Rail and Rapid Rail projects. Thomas’ research work has been published in Critical Planning- the UCLA journal of planning, Economics and Political Weekly and presented at conferences including the Annual conference of the  Association of American Geographers, Design History Society Conference and Silk Road Universities conference. Forthcoming articles include Modernism from the Margins: Modern Architecture in Trivandrum and The Politics of Infrastructural Aesthetics: The Case of the Delhi BRT and Metro.

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